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The Science of Crystals and How They Work

July 28, 2020

The Science of Crystals and How They Work

Traditionally, precious stones are classified as diamond, emerald, ruby, and sapphire. In contrast, semi-precious stones are any stones that don't fall under those varieties of gemstones. A healing crystal is typically a semi-precious stone. While the precious and semi-precious distinction is feasible for commercial jewelers, it is misleading because it can suggest that some stones are naturally more valuable than others. The more you know about the healing capabilities of crystals, you realize all gems can embody powerful healing energy!


For millennia, healing crystals have been used to help manifest and heal spiritual, mental, and physical ailments. Ancient Egyptians greatly valued turquoise, lapis lazuli, and carnelian, In Ancient Egypt stones were worn for protection, health, and beauty. Green stones were a part of burial rites and rituals, as they were often used to represent the heart of a departed loved one. The word crystal comes from the Greek word for ice, κρύσταλλο or krystallo. Grecians valued crystals for more than beauty. They also thought crystals had the power to protect and manifest. Greek soldiers would rub themselves all over with hematite to help protect them in battle. Amethyst was often used to ward off drunkenness or prevent a hangover. No matter your beliefs, it may be interesting to know that crystals were even mentioned in the bible and koran. So, while crystal healing may seem very "New Age," it is an ancient global tradition. 


You may wonder what crystals can do for you. What can't they do for you would elicit a briefer answer! Our bodies have energy centers called chakras. Each chakra is linked to specific organs, biological systems, spiritual energies, and outward manifestations. Any crystal you can name is related to one or more chakras. The associations are simpler to explore based on color. For instance, the heart chakra is linked to pink and green stones. It is the seat of ascension, and the chakra of love, self-worth, unity, relationship, harmony, forgiveness, and vitality. Therefore, a piece of rose quartz can boost physical energy and circulation, foster forgiveness and togetherness, help heal relationships and past trauma, or attract love. There is much more rose quartz can do, and that is just one crystal! The possibilities are limitless. You may be thinking, "that sounds good, but how can one crystal do all that?"


Marcel Vogel is a well-known crystal researcher. Vogel asserts that crystals emit a vibration that amplifies and outwardly manifests the power of our thoughts. He is quoted as saying, "like a laser, the crystal radiates energy in a coherent, highly concentrated form, and this energy may be transmitted into objects or people at will." Everything is energy, you and I, the car you drive, and the thoughts you think. They are all made of tiny particles of scattered energy. A crystal is a tool that focuses the power of our thoughts and intentions and works within us and our world to organize external or internal energy particles according to our purposes. 


Crystals attract in a similar way that they amplify. Crystals share a similar resonance to water. As the roots of a tree always reach down in the earth towards the water, a specific gem can help you attract an outward desire. For instance, pyrite resonates in the solar plexus chakra, boosting our will and drive to seek what we desire, all the while attracting, luck, prosperity, and good fortune.


You may have noticed thoughts and intentions were mentioned more than once. Intentions are essential when you are working with crystals. Even if you receive a cleansed and charged crystal, it is still important to connect with your crystal, aligning it with your vibration, thoughts, and intentions. You can do so by holding your crystal in your hand and repeating your intentions out loud or silently within. Envision your crystals being surrounded by divine spiritual energy. Finish by saying a small word of thanks for all the wonder they will work in your life. 


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